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Microsol Staffing is a leader among recruitment services available in New York City. We offer a significantly higher level of care and attention for our clients, and we are with you every step of the way. We consistently provide you with the most highly qualified architects, designers, and project managers that you need to successfully complete your projects.

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The Microsol Difference

We view ourselves as more than just a conduit to provide you with candidates; we are your satellite human resources office. We deal with the time-consuming paperwork, payroll issues, taxes, etc. Merging human resources with architecture takes significant pressure off of you and leaves more time for your team to focus on design and project management, and meet deadlines.


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What They Are Saying

  • "Working with Microsol Resources for the past 12 years, I have found the experience to be continually rewarding because of their multi-faceted approach to anticipating our business needs. Partnering with them allows us to not only meet our employment needs but also keeps us abreast of the latest technology. I'm continually impressed with both their integrity and the straight-forward way in which they do business. I look forward to the next ten years. "

    Nina Stern, Senior Administrator, Rockwell Group
  • "Our firm has been working with Belle Gallay and Microsol Staffing for over a decade. In over 40 years’ of practice, I had never been able to find a personnel consultant who could intuitively understand exactly our need for any particular project and building type until we started working with Belle. She “gets it” instantly and follows up with three or four highly qualified, well-suited candidates in nothing flat. No one knows more people and personnel in our field than does Belle. Her firm has proven to be an invaluable resource and gives us full confidence to take on almost any assignment in the field of Architect’s services, no matter the size or complexity. It is great to know that through her efforts we can develop the most highly qualified team, literally overnight. She has proven to be an integral component in the very basic ability of our firm to deliver the highest level of services to our clientele."

    Richard Bienenfeld, Principal, Bienenfeld Architecture
  • "Resources are something that everyone needs to be successful in their professional careers. Microsol Staffing is not only a recruitment agency but the most important network I have known in my career in Architectural Design. Through them, I have been able to link to the most exciting projects happening in the city and built a portfolio of high quality work. Being a consultant for Microsol Staffing has allowed me to direct my career path based on my objectives, while allowing me to earn top fees. If there is something out there that fits you, Microsol can help you find it."

    Senior Consultant, Interior Design Firm
  • "Several of the recommendations I read in LinkedIn make similar statements – that tells you a lot. It says that she and her colleagues at Microsol Staffing value and preserve this relationship. Belle has always been available for trusted advice and counsel, often when immediate benefit to her may not be apparent. She has been the complete professional at all times, conducting her business with the utmost integrity while being eminently approachable and genuinely friendly. Belle’s knowledge of the industry, and those of us in it, is comprehensive and she uses it for the benefit of both."

    Carmelo Crisafulli, Senior Project Manager